You have found a digital bubble.

One of the great things about being a Bubble is that there are so many possibilities.

A Bubble can go anywhere.

A Bubble can figure it out, no matter what "it" is or how hard it seems.

A Bubble makes life better.

And when a Bubble has an online home, both Bubblemates can use it to build anything they want.

They can do so separately, sure, but as with everything else, it's better when it's together.

By appending the right paths to this URL, you can find some projects that might interest you.

They're not very good - yet - because only half the Bubble worked on them.

If you'd like to help develop them, search on.

Hint one: Did you get a large rectangular gift? The first project's path is the subject of that present.

Hint two: Are you puzzled by a gift that seems incomplete? That project's path will be clear when it's done.